The Supreme Court Is Not Where Workers Get Our Power!


Today the Supreme Court decided that non-union workers can no longer act in their collective self interest but must make claims individually and arbitrate wages, conditions, and hours disputes alone, is a deep and devastating blow to the labor movement.

Stripping workers of the right to band together to enforce rules regarding their well being will inevitably lead to the worst abuses and a serious and intractable lack of enforcement of state and federal labor rules.

“It is the result of take-it-or-leave-it labor contracts harking back to the type called ‘yellow dog,’ and of the readiness of this Court to enforce those un-bargained-for agreements. The FAA demands no such suppression of the right of workers to take concerted action for their ‘mutual aid or protection.'”

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

However it would do us well to remember that if we organize right and build unions everywhere that today’s decision will not matter. It is only in our collective strength that we can force the bad employers to step back and treat us as we demand to be treated.

Today’s bullshit ruling should serve as a notice that business as usual has not and can not work. That workers organized and unorganized are in the fight of our lives and we can sweep away rules like this.