Our Work

At RI Jobs WIth Justice, we work both organizing and supporting workers to take on employers who are treating them poorly, and bringing working people from different communities together to fight for systemic change at a larger scale. Our No More Second Class Workers! represents our work supporting low-wage and other excluded workers like Fast Food WorkersHotel Workers, Immigrant Workers in their struggles on the street to achieve justice for themselves, their co-workers and families.

Our PROVidence 1st project takes these campaigns to another level, bringing together construction, hotel, fast food, and immigrant workers with unemployed people and members of low-income communities to fight for a new economy in Providence that puts people over profits by holding corporations accountable that are receiving tax-payer subsidies.

We coordinate a popular education program, The Solidarity School, that builds the skills of working people to be bridge builders between communities, and take on new leadership roles within their organizations and the broader movement for economic and social justice.

We mobilize in solidarity with workers, working class and poor people taking action for justice. We take on campaigns that:

– Organize in communities of color and other traditionally oppressed communities

– Put workers at the lead

– Use creative, militant, direct action

– Organize the unorganized

– Have a strategy to win

– Highlight the right to organize and working peoples’ fights

– Create unity among working class people and between different communities

– Build our movement for the long haul