Solidarity School

Solidarity School participants doing an activity demonstrating economic inequality.

The Solidarity School is our bi-lingual popular education program that brings together members of organizations from our coalition and the wider community to learn from each other about how different oppressions intersect, talk honestly and openly about the barriers that sometimes divide us, and imagine the world we can create if we overcome those barriers and build collective power. The mission of The Solidarity School is to develop community members’ capacities as bridge builders between the community groups, unions and churches they represent, and take on new leadership roles within their own organizations. This year, organizers and academics facilitated sessions on free trade, forced migration and environmental racism; mass incarceration, police violence and the Black Lives Matter movement; undoing heterosexism; the attack on public education; economic inequality and the divisiveness of the 1%; and undoing patriarchy.

Prof. José Soler from the UMASS Dartmouth Durbin Center for Labor Studies facilitating a session on Wall Street’s role in destabilizing the economies of countries around the world that now send many immigrants to the US.
Group Graduation with Fists
2015 Solidarity School Graduation.