See below for videos of RI Jobs with Justice organizers and activists taking action for workers’ rights and community justice.

RI Jobs with Justice and members organizations rallying on International Workers’ Day, May 1st, 2014 for workers’ rights and justice for our communities.

Linda Watkins of the First Baptist Church in Pawtucket, and Mike Araujo of RI JwJ and IATSE Local 23, Stagehands of Rhode Island, speak on MLK’s commitment to a poor people’s movement, this year’s campaign to raise the minimum wage in Rhode Island and the need for labor to stay committed to the fight to fulfill his legacy. Spoken at the RI Civil Rights Roundtable MLK Day celebration, January 19, 2014 at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.


Mariela Martinez of the Brown Student Labor Alliance and Youth/Student Chair of RI JwJ speaks about their recent trip to Bangledesh, and the importance of holding transnational corporations accountable for the disasters they create.


Harol Lopez, member of Fuerza Laboral and the RI JwJ / Fuerza Laboral joint project, the POWER Committee, describes his experience being fired for seeking legal counsel after being injured three times at work. He talks about the need for immigration reform that ends the second class status of immigrant workers.


Santa Brito, an employee at the Renaissance Hotel in Providence, RI, pumps up the crowd at the 2013 RI JwJ Labor Day march.


Workers at the Westin Providence Hotel called for a boycott of their own hotel on March 18th, 2010 because of continued unfair labor practices. Thanks to Paul Hubbard and the Institute for Labor Studies for shooting and preparing this video.